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nursel balhan

Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner
Professional Regression Therapist
Energy Healing

Integrative Energy Healing

The entire universe is made of energy, so is human body.

Our Human energy Field (Biofield) keeps and carries our life experiences and traumas.


In that sense, it is the core of whole person well-being to heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the person.


Integrative Energy Healing is preventive and complimentary evidence-based holistic therapy model, based on balancing and repatterning the human energy field and transforming consciousness.

Regression Thrapy

Regression Therapy

Remembering and Reliving Your Past!..

Current life issues like inexplicable fears, anxiety, depression without a clear cause, relationship problems and psychosomatic problems have causes in the past.

Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs about ourselves like “I am not good enough”, inexplicable guilt and shame have roots in the past too.

Regression Therapy works on the present life issues(mental, emotional and physical) by discovering and reliving memories of earlier experieces that caused them, to create permanent positive change

Matt - 31

Nursel assisted me in a time of great need. I had been through many traumas in the past, including severe head injuries that did a number of things to the system. Nursel took great care in her approach and paid great attention to everything I relayed to her about my life. I felt a great benefit each time, and over time continued to feel the healing take place. I can't thank Nursel enough for her assistance and even her added assistance in regards to finance as I have been unable to work for some time due to injury. I would highly recommend the healing approach Nursel provides to anyone interested in feeling better and meeting a genuine person.

G.A. - 57 

When I met Nursel, I was experiencing anxiety disorder, which was affecting my daily life. I also had stiffness and pain on my neck and upper back.

My sessions with Nursel helped me to release my past traumatic experience and improved my general health condition

Nursel is very talented, emphatic and caring therapist. 

She also thought me useful methods to cope with anxiety by myself.  I am grateful for the sessions with her.

D.U. - 40 

For the last several years I have been suffering from a chronic backache and muscle pain issues stemming from anxiety and stress. Over the course of years, I have seen many doctors and specialists to address these problems but when the situation came to a point where my constant pain and lack of energy had made me feel depressed and suffer from many sleepless nights, I decided to investigate energy healing treatments. Nursel was recommended to me by another friend who was very happy with his recovery of traumatic stress disorder. After a few energy healing sessions with Nursel, I started feeling the difference. I felt calmer and enjoyed the benefits of being grounded. Much to my surprise, almost immediately my energy levels have increased, and I began to sleep better.  I started feeling much better after 8 sessions and consider myself recovered after about 4 months of sessions. I’m grateful for all the techniques she has thought me during the course of our therapy, which I continue to apply to my life every day.

Highly recommended! 

E.T. - 45 

I am one of the first individuals who trusted Nursel when she started her journey in this regression healing practice. First of all, I can say that I always deeply trusted her both for her strong personality and seriousness of his job for wellbeing. I worked with her many times for different inner and physical health problems. Here, I especially want to share concrete one; I used to have a hernia in 3 parts of my left side, back in 2011 and having deep pains although I got injections and physical therapy with no results.

But after I worked with Nursel, a miracle happened and in a few days period, I forgot about my pains. I was recovered and without getting any medicine. Isn't it a miracle?... Thx to Nursel a lot. She touched my life many times.

B.D. - 47 

For the last couple of years, I was experiencing moving pain all over my body, both bones and muscles, draining my energy out and creating stress. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is an extended feel of pain over the body. My muscles were tense and painful, and my energy level was almost half of what I used to have. Since I was not offered any sound treatment by the doctors except for taking pain reliever drugs, I was left out without a solution.

That was when I tried Energy Healing Therapy with Nursel. At the time, I had little information about the treatment, and it was a question mark for me how effective it would be on my problems. The results were very amazing since the effect was very immediate after the first session, which I was not expecting. After 5-6 sessions, I had substantial improvement both for the relief of pain and increase of my energy levels.

Now, whenever I feel stressed or tense on the body or have pains I am having a couple of sessions from Nursel, and I am back to the game again.

S.O. - 69 


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North Vancouver, BC

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I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis five years ago which caused severe pain in my lower back and left leg. I was very limited in my movements, and I was not able to walk more than 100 meters before I needed to have a rest. It was impossible for me to make long walks or even go for daily shopping.

When I visited Vancouver, I had the chance to have Energy Healing sessions with Nursel. By the end of 9 session my condition improved unbelievably, and I was able to walk longer distances, even to have a full day of activity without needing to rest. Since my doctors have told me that , my only chance was operation, which is very risky this was like a miracle to me.  

I thanked her a lot because, after five years of troubled times, I remembered what a painless day was like. 

Another important improvement for me was in my energy,joy and positivity level. It was very visible by my friends and family. I think my husband needs some sessions too. :)

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