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Chakras as Centres of Life Force Energy!

“Concerning MATTER we have been all wrong. What we have called MATTER is ENERGY, whose vibration has been lowered as to be perceivable to the senses.

There is no matter. There is only LIGHT and SOUND." Albert Einstein.

The entire universe is made of energy, so is human body.

Chakras are energy centers of the body that receive, assimilate and express LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

The word chakra means “wheel” or “disk” and it refers to spinning centers of bioenergy that emanate from the major nerve plexus along the spinal column. There are seven of chakras from the base of the spine to the top of head. There are also minor ones in the hands and joints.

Chakras are associated with different states of consciousness, archetypal and philosophical elements. As lower chakras, which are closer to earth are related to more practical matters like survival and movement, the upper ones are related to mental realms, thoughts, words, images and concepts.

Chakra patterns are embedded in the core of the mind-body interface and they affect our physical condition, body shape, thoughts and behaviours. Good news is we can also affect our chakra system by various healing techniques to have a healthy mind-body. The chakra system is an evolutionary program and can be used to reprogram our lives.

Each of the seven chakras represent a major area of human health

1-Survival 2-Sexuality 3-Power 4-Love 5-Communication 6-Intuition 7-Consciousness itself

Symbolically, the chakras relate to archetypal elements

1-Earth 2-Water 3-Fire 4-Air 5-Sound 6-Light 7-Thought

The chakra system is combination of two principles, CONSCIOUSNESS and MATTER, they are like a ladder that connects polarity between SPIRIT and MATTER, MIND and BODY.

Our life force energy flow is vertical mainly, in one end there is earth-cantered pole and in the other end there is pole of consciousness. The human being needs a balance between spirit and matter, mind and body. This means that the energy current must flow through the body in both ways to be whole.

When we contact with earth through our bodies energetically, it is called grounding. Grounding provides a connection which makes us feel safe, secure and alive.

We experience consciousness through our mind it is about our inner understanding, memory, beliefs and imagination.

Unfortunately, the energy flow in our bodies is effected by negative experiences.

Social programing, childhood traumas, oppressive environments, physical or emotional pain can cut off our connection from earth. Our culture, mind over matter philosophy cuts off us from our bodily experience and from earth itself. At the other end, misinformation and indoctrination invalidate our consciousness. The child who is told he did not see what he saw and cannot feel the way he was feeling starts to doubt his own awareness. As a result of this, disconnection can occur between instinct & memories and the body & emotions. Experiences and information is stored both in body and mind and disconnection between them creates health problems.

Integration of mind, body and energy makes healing possible.

Chakra Blockage

When the free flow of the energy disturbed, energy seems blocked and affects functioning of chakras in related areas. For example, if we experience communication problems, we might have a blockage in fifth (throat) chakra. If we have chronic problems with our physical health, or financial situation we possibly have a blockage in the first (root) chakra.

What creates a blockage in a chakra?

Childhood traumas, limiting belief systems, cultural conditioning, exhausting habits, physical and emotional injuries, neglect can create chakra blockages.

When we face difficulties in life we create coping strategies. When the conditions prolong, they turn to be patterns, anchored in the body and psyche as defence mechanisms. These defences create holding patterns in our musculature that blocks flow of energy and it persists even if the negative conditions removed. This chronic tension is called body armor which affects our posture, breathing, metabolism, thoughts and belief systems as well as emotional states. These effects in mind-body creates problems in our relationships, work and belief systems which will perpetuate the pattern. The pattern is like a carving in rock in time. For instance, a small fear can grow into phobia. Habitual anger can isolate a person from friends and family and it may create more anger. Clinging in relationships creates abandonment, which enforces a person’s tendency to hold on.

Any block in a specific chakra can affect the flow of main currents and causes loss of “grounding” leaving us with survival issues.

Blocks in a chakra can be various. The two-basic type of chakra imbalances are EXCESS and DEFICIENCY. The way in which we choose to cope with the negative experiences, trauma or stress defines the type of imbalance. We can choose to increase our energy and attention to fight the challenging situation and this creates EXCESS imbalance. We can also choose to decrease our energy and withdraw from the stress and this creates DEFICIENCY imbalance in a chakra.


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