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Coping with Stress in Uncertainty (3 Effective Techniques)

We are in times of uncertainty that creates a lot of stress being worried about our health, our financial situation and the future.

Even though our biggest concern is our health now, the stress and fear itself harm our health and lower immune system. I have mentioned in my earlier post how stress affects our physiology and biology by going into FIght and Flight mode.

To learn techniques to cope with stress is a necessity to stay calm and be resilient in these tough times.

Deep Breathing

These are the times for going back to basics and remember what is important for ourselves.

Breathing right is one of the most important techniques that will improve our vitality.

Most of us take shallow breaths into the chest and feel anxious.

To cope with stress, you can do below exercise for at least 2 minutes, two times a day.

  1. Get comfortable either sitting your spine upright and supported or laying down

  2. Close your eyes and take a deep breath with a sense of breathing in relaxation into your nose and fill up your belly

  3. Focus on how the breath moves in your body and imagine it flows throughout your entire body.

  4. Breath out imagining that you release stress and negativity.

  5. Keep your outbreaths longer than inbreaths.For example, you can count up to 4 breathing in and up to 6 breathing out. Try to make it slow rather than fast breaths. (breathing in engages sympathetic nervous system which is related to fight and flight mode and breathing out engages parasympathetic nervous system that calms us)

  6. You can use mantras, affirmations to focus on.

Alternate Tapping Technique

Another simple yet effective tool is the alternate tapping technique which engages parasympathetic nervous system that calms us and creates healing environment.

  1. Get comfortable on chair sitting upright, feet on the floor.

  2. Take couple of breaths to relax and focus.

  3. Place your hands on your thighs facing downwards.

  4. Start to alternate them slowly raising your one hand at a time without lifting the hand completely, wrists staying in touch with the leg.

  5. You can do the same with your feet instead of hands, whatever feels more comfortable for you. This time keeping your heels down the floor and raising the front part of your feet. again one foot at a time.

  6. Continue to do this for at least 2 minutes, two times a day.

Especially when done on a regular basis before going to bed, this technique helps you to overcome your sleeping problems.


Grounding is connecting with earth's energy which helps mind and body get connected and brings us to the moment. Our bodies does not function properly without a healthy connection with earth's energy as the appliances do not function without grounding the electricity.

There are several ways of grounding that helps us in overwhelming situations of distress, anxiety and circling thoughts.You may try different ones and choose from them whichever suits you.

Doing exercises using our five senses (seeing,hearing,tasting,touching,smelling) such as hugging a tree, stepping on the grass are effective ways of grounding.

Sitting on a chair, feeling the touch of feet to the ground and taking three belly breaths can be a way of grounding as well.

Do not underestimate the healing power of imagination. My favourite analogy for grounding is imagining myself as a tree, my energetic roots growing into the core of mother earth, connecting its nutritious, warm, protective energy and bringing it to my body through my feet.

We have been living in a fast pace of technology age and we are living in our minds. Whenever I ask people about self-care, I find that it is not their priority. I believe this will be a time to reflect on many things and restore the connection that we lost with our bodies as well as the mother nature.


Contact me to learn more about Advanced Integrative Energy Healing and Regression Therapy sessions (

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