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Mirroring in Relationships – Embracing the Shadow

We live in a world of duality, opposites coexist in the nature and in ourselves as well.

We tend to tag things as good and bad, and based on this judgement we eliminate things and people from our lives.

What does mirroring in relationships mean ?

Each and every one of us has positive and negative traits, yet mostly we do not like to see so called “negative characteristics” in ourselves and even we cannot see them as they are blind points of consciousness. Relationships on the other hand, mirror all the pleasant and unpleasant qualities of us by seeing them in others helping to recognize ourselves.

Think about a person who you like very much and own the qualities of that person you admire, and think about a person annoys you and own the annoying qualities of that person too.

Every person is a mirror that reflects ourselves back to us, and when we comprehend this, there is no one to judge or blame, and there is no need to feel like a victim of others’ behaviours.

If your significant other is lying to you think about where you are lying to yourself or others, or if you are so angry with authorities then question where you have conflicts with your own authority and how are you afraid of your own power deep inside.

Which buttons are your family and friends or colleagues push repeatedly.

Have you ever noticed that only the names of the guys you date is different not the qualities. And are they making you feel the same way? Are you aware that you are the common denominator of these relationships ? Most important thing to understand is, these buttons are beliefs registered in subconscious about yourself and life long before. Relationships and others only show you what is underneath the surface. For example if you believe that men/women are not trustable , you will find yourself in the relationships where there is trust issue. You will be attracted to abusive partners if you have issues in subconscious level with self-worth and self-love.

Acceptance comes with understanding, then liberation and healing follows it. We can use mirror in relationships to understand what it reflects about ourselves, free from those emotions, beliefs and to grow into a more fulfilled person.

Shed a light on to shadow and embrace both light and dark sides in yourself , because one does not exist without the other.

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